Threads That Root Us

Complementing the scenery of our shoot, these women are adorned in consciously sourced garments and objects that evoke elemental colors.

The ribbons woven & jewelry carefully placed into the hair feel symbolic of our ties to this vast land—how people and nature are intrinsically connected.

Organic shapes and natural materials from pearls to gold to wood emphasize this feeling of coming home to our roots, just as people find their way back to the people and places that feel like home.

Berry-kissed lips, a subtle pop of color and warm toned eyelids play up the sun’s golden glow and the joyfulness we feel in nature.

Each individual portrait uniquely emphasizes our ties to land and how minuscule we are. 

Dani in red & Kiana in green are nourished by the sun’s rays. 

Devanshi in yellow & blue gives a sense of contemplative emergence as she stands among the layers of a grassy hilltop. 

Kara in bold blue against the deep green backdrop breathes life into it much like the vast oceans that surround us do.

Like flowers emerging from grass, these women stand tall, unique in their essence yet unified, rooted.

Photographer: Simrah Farrukh

Creative Director(s): Simrah Farrukh & Kara Fabella

Stylist: Kara Fabella

Makeup & Hair Stylist: Esther Ha

Models: Kara Fabella, Kiana Kazemi, Devanshi, Dani

Assist: Craig Smith

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