Zan Zendegi Azadi

Images created for artist, Bibi Yazd's latest collection. 

“This collection was inspired by the pervasive spirit of Iranians around the globe. Women, life, freedom. Employed by the internal lights that I’ve installed, the projections of Zan Zendegi Azadi echo from inside the garment to the whole outside. These words represent the immortal spirit of those fighting for a Free Iran. I join them in their fight and hope to uplift their message.” - Bibi Yazd


Photographer: Simrah Farrukh

Creative Director: Nikita Jacobs

Designer: Bibi Yazd

Models: Ahnastasia Carlyle, Sosefina Schneider, Larissa Tyagi

Makeup/Hair Stylist(s): Nati Noir, Valentina Van Zandt, Cassandra Cook, Norma 

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