Wajood-e-Zan / existence of women
The term Wajood-e-Zan, translating to “existence of women”, to us is about the presence women and non-binary people bring to this world. It is the all encompassing experience of existing outside of society’s limits unapologetically. It's about rewriting what it is to exist as “women”. It is not limited to a gender, but rather it is the experience of existing as a being without restrictions.

"The experience of womanhood is finding sisterhood and community. It is androgynous, it is dainty, it is fierce. It is the growing pains and unequivocal presence of beauty. It is piecing together juxtapositions into unity. It is a hand stitched experience of inside jokes, gossip, drama and giggles. The existence of women, is the existence of beauty in all shapes and forms. The existence of women is resistance and challenging norms. The existence of women is the existence of life.” - Sana Jaffery

Photographer: Simrah Farrukh

Creative Director(s): Simrah Farrukh & Sana Jaffery

Stylist: Sana Jaffery

Hair Stylist: Brit J

Models: Seema Hari (they/she), Mahnoor Euceph (she/her), Ambika (they/them)

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